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Inspired and launched originally in Rochester New York and now coming to Louisville, The Best Friend Thunder Brunch will host over 200 women for a festive Brunch, Sunday afternoon - April 23rd during Thunder Over Louisville Weekend. Taking place at the Pointe in NULU, the brunch will kick off with a red-carpet experience, live entertainment and will feature several of Louisville’s Graffiti Artists whom will create a mural to be donated to a charity for auctioning. This event will also feature a male fashion show highlighting Derby Apparel from the All for Men Threads Spring line. We have several sponsorship packages available that will assist you with tapping into our target audience of women 25+. Create a lasting experience both in person and on multiple digital platforms.

A portion of our proceeds will be donated to a non profit dear to our hearts - CLIFH (pronounced like the man’s name, “CLIFF”): Charity in Love: Increasing Faith & Hope, a nonprofit, organization dedicated to giving children a fighting chance. Our investment will support CLIFH with basic infrastructure, marketing and programming activities. Your support will contribute to assisting fatherless children in the Louisville community.

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